Intronics: Professional AV and KVM

The team Audio/Video focuses on the professional AV and the command and control (KVM)market. Through years of experience in the professional AV and KVM world, Intronics is able to think in solutions, not products. We know the market and are providing our customers with independent advice and suitable solutions for control rooms, stadiums, radio studios and many more. We are in direct contact with manufacturers.

Solutions for extension, IPTV, video processing and video distribution

The product range includes:

  • KVM extension
  • IPTV
  • Video streaming
  • Video capturing
  • Video processing
  • Video distribution

Knowledge is the basis of success

The team has a lot of technical knowledge and experience to be able to advise the best solution in the AV and KVM market. We share this knowledge with you in the pre-sales process as well as through training and demonstrations.

Proof of concept

In addition to sharing knowledge, we offer the possibility of a proof of concept. This way, we can test and find out if our suggested solution is the way to go for the desired application. Also, implementation of the final solution often involves large investments, of which the risks are reduced by thoroughly testing before final implementation.

Intronics is able to translate different customer requirements in such a proof of concept.

By doing a proof of concept, user acceptance is greatly improved, and in the process we are able to train future users. We also offer the opportunity to hire our specialized staff for additional support, such as configuration or put our products into operation.

A fully equipped AV test lab

The AV Lab is used for pre- and after-sales support such as:

  • Check of products
  • Construction of proof of concepts
  • Research & development
  • Beta testing
  • Expanding knowledge

AV and KVM solutions applied

Our solutions are used in:

  • Traffic control
  • Broadcast studios
  • Post-production
  • Sports stadiums
  • Government and community
  • Defence and police
  • Ports, offshore
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes

Your purchasing process made easy by us

  • Ample stocks
  • Drop shipments on location
  • Delivery within 24 hours
  • Ultramodern warehouse
  • Data links

Your advantages in a nutshell

  • Years of experience in the field
  • Thinking in solutions
  • Independent advice
  • Direct contact with manufacturers
  • Trained in the latest developments
  • Our own fully equipped AV test lab