Measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus

Intronics follows the recommendations of FPS Public Health in order to reduce the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus. This includes social distancing and stay at home if you have a cold, a cough, sore throat or a fever.

Measures taken by Intronics

  • Our account managers work from home. Meetings will be held remotely
  • Intronics does not allow visitors and all meetings have been cancelled
  • We promote and facilitate working from home and we have reduced the number of people present at the office to a minimum

Contacting Intronics

As usual you can contact us by phone and mail . We expect to give you the high level of support you are used to. Because of the number of people present at the office and the fact that a lot of sales engineers are working from home, our response time can take a bit longer.

Shipment of orders

At this moment our warehouse is capable of processing all our orders. We will keep a close eye on the situation.


Intronics and the suppliers are purchasing a lot of finished goods and components from the Far East. Normally our expected shipping data is very accurate and you can rely on the data which you find on your order confirmation. The current situation is that these data is not as reliable as you can expect from us. We will update these data regularly. Any doubt about your backorders? Please contact us.